settembre 12, 2023 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Reduction of production times through innovative strategies and approaches in the metalworking industry

In the aim of reducing gear production times, the design phase plays a fundamental role. An accurate and well thought out project can avoid costly mistakes and delays. Clarity and sharing of [...]

agosto 22, 2023 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Electric mobility: revolution or threat for gear manufacturers in 2023

Today, gear manufacturing industry is facing a crucial challenge: the transition to electric mobility. Technological evolution have always risen questions about how it could affect our industry, but [...]

marzo 14, 2023 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Gear Customization: Custom design and manufacturing

Gears are a critical part of many mechanical systems and their quality and accuracy can significantly affect overall system performance. Choosing to customize your own gears can be an ideal solution [...]

marzo 08, 2023 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Smart gears: how technology can improve the life and performance of machinery

Have you ever heard of smart gears?Gears are critical components of many machines and vehicles, but their function can be affected by failure or wear. Fortunately, this technology can help monitor [...]

febbraio 22, 2023 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Effective corporate offering: how to minimize risks and maximize opportunities

The offer development process is crucial for any business to achieve success. However, the greatest risk is to discover too late that the offer presented differs from the real needs of the customer. [...]

dicembre 28, 2022 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Some market trend data from Europe

Today I would like to pause our usual technical article and talk more about this year's changes for our industry. By now at the close of 2022, many projects for '23 are already in the pipeline, many [...]

dicembre 21, 2022 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Gear supplier or consultant?

Our work is changing profoundly, more and more often we find ourselves being consultants rather than mere executors of pieces. Even the engineering sector is starting to feel the need to specialize [...]

agosto 31, 2022 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

How has the role of the sales department evolved in the mechanical transmission sector in 2022?

If you remember well a while ago we talked about how much our work has changed in recent times. Sales department must have the technical skills to be able to give targeted advice to the customer on [...]

agosto 24, 2022 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Is the customer always right in mechanics in 2022?

In these days we almost all return from holiday so I thought it was the right moment to tell you about a thorny topic for all salespeople. We grew up with the mentality that the customer should always [...]

agosto 11, 2022 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Sustainable development: how to adapt to global warming in the mechanical sector

Today we hear more and more of sustainable development and urgent issues that I believe affect us all firsthand. As a mechanical sector we have been hearing about emissions reduction and electric [...]

agosto 03, 2022 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

How to create, improve and maintain knowledge in mechanical sector in 2022

Have you ever wondered about which is the real value of your company? Often, from the inside we struggle to realize it, we are so busy managing the problems of daily routine that we never stop to [...]

luglio 28, 2022 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Subcontract or verticalize the work? Let's see how it was for us

Today, we would like to talk you about a process in which GSI has been involved in past months: subcontract the work or verticalize everything in the company? Obviously, there is no universally [...]

luglio 06, 2022 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

The importance of knowledge: here's how to generate, maintain and preserve it over time

Some time ago we talked about the importance of knowledge and in particular how we used technology to help our production sector. Today we want to tell you about what we did on a practical level in [...]

novembre 16, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Education and the world of work: when resources and companies are incompatible

In the past months, work has grown exponentially, we have had several employees who have retired or moved. Finding the perfect person especially in production is not easy. From before the summer, we [...]

ottobre 27, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Increase in the prices of heat treatments? What to do?

A very important issue for those who work in mechanics and in the construction of components to be assembled is certainly that of heat treatment.If recently steel prices seem to have stabilized, it is [...]

ottobre 19, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

The customer is always right! 3 + 1 cases that happened to us and how we handled them

We have been taught that the customer is always right! In this article I have collected 3 + 1 cases of customers who are particularly difficult to manage. If many of us believe that our B2C colleagues [...]

giugno 24, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Is verticalization equal to innovation? Is this always true?

In the last months, we often hear about a well-known American automotive company that has based its success on a very enterprising and, at the same time, risky all-vertical business model to pursue [...]

giugno 11, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Industry4.0: will 3D printing replace the traditional gear manufacturing?

In recent years we have often heard of revolution 4.0 and 3D printing for the production of components and tools in the mechanical field. Now, technology is evolving at great speed, on the one hand it [...]

maggio 27, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

The hydrogen engine: reality or fantasy?

The hydrogen engine is almost certainly a reality for the future for heavy and marine transport, while for cars, perhaps the disadvantages are still too many compared to the advantages. Analyzing the [...]

maggio 20, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Electric motor: will gears still be needed?

The electric motor is the new frontier of the automotive industry, but will gears still be needed? In recent months, we have heard more and more of electric mobility and sustainable development, which [...]

maggio 12, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

How to take advantage of Digital Marketing in the world of mechanics

Mechanics and Digital Marketing two completely opposite worlds? Or can they meet and take advantage of each other? According to G.S.I. yes, the push of the last year has been important, because [...]

maggio 06, 2021 in LAST NEWS FROM MECHANICS

Why the price of steel is continuing to increase: circular economy

Circular economy is a topic that has been discussed a lot about in the last months, considered as one of the possible solutions to many of the environmental problems that afflict the Earth. Each type [...]




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